What will life look like post lockdown? No one quite knows. But watching Eithan Osborne, Tyler Warren and Josh Moniz on a sand bottom point in Chapter 12 of Billabong’s “Life’s Better in Boardshorts” series sure has us dreaming of a future where this pandemic is in the rearview mirror and we’re all able to surf again.

The short, titled “Next Wave” is three minutes of uninhibited play, featuring the Californians–Warren and Osborne–and the Hawaiian–Moniz–cutting loose on a Mexican righthander, pre-COVID crisis. While it’s sad to imagine waves like this breaking unridden at this time of year–primetime for the region–it’s fun to watch the trio give the waves their proper due, and imagine ourselves in their shoes (er… boardshorts), post-COVID crisis. 

For now: stay safe and stay strong. And click play to watch Warren, Osborne and Moniz punt playfully and pack a few sandy pits to a synth-heavy track. 

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