We don’t see many clips of Conner Coffin at Lower Trestles. Probably because the spot of note is often crowded and a few hours south of his Santa Barbara home–and Conner’s typically pre-occupied with 10-months of ‘CT travel to make the trip to San Clemente more than once or twice a year. But with COVID keeping him CA-bound this year, Coffin spent a good chunk of his summer chasing swells south and making himself at home in the Lowers lineup. While it’s not quite Rincon, Lowers is about as good of a canvas for Coffin’s surfing as there is. In the 2-minute clip above, Coffin takes apart Trestles (and a nearby beachbreak), linking smooth carves with powerful fin drifts and a pair of wild laybacks. As fall turns to winter and Coffin’s backyard points come back to life, there should be lots more where this came from.

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