Made in the Mitten

On December 25th, 1965, amidst the blustery winds and sand dunes of Muskegon, Michigan, Sherman Poppen made history by strapping two skis together and sending his young daughter careening down his backyard hill. His invention, soon dubbed the Snurfer, laid the foundation for snowboarding as we know it.

Dedicated to Sherman Poppen and Jake Burton Carpenter.

Provided by Burton

Photo Credit: Provided by Burton

Director: Zeppelin Zeerip
Editor: Mike Brown
Director of Photography: Jeff Sukes
Music: Future Mystic
Graphic Design: Max Hofert

Provided by Burton

Photo Credit: Provided by Burton

Archival Footage Provided By:
Bob, Bill, and Tom Pushaw
Julie Poppen
Erin McDaniel Media
Zachary Trost
Grain Media
Nick Johnson

Supported by Burton Snowboards and New Holland Brewing.

Additional thanks: Muskegon Community College, Pando Winter Sports Park, Morgan Bennett, Jess Smith, Adam Dickerson, Levi Ryverson, Dominic Bergquist, Bob Novak, Bill and Tom Pushaw, Ron Pesch, Brandon Cocard.

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