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On Friday afternoon, a huge section of the sea bluff overlooking the lineup at Black’s Beach in San Diego County collapsed onto the shoreline. According to NBC San Diego, officials estimated the volume of the collapse at 150,000 cubic yards. Which, judging by the TikTok footage above, is a scary amount of earth to collapse from up high.

After weeks of rain and swell bombarding the cliffs, experts say it was one of the largest bluff failures in the area in nearly 40 years.

Surfers were out in the lineup at the time of the collapse. According to local shredder Spencer Rosa, the whole spectacle went on for about five minutes. “I remember there was a lull in the set and all of us out there were just watching basically this whole cliff get remodeled,” says Rosa. “It was strange, it seemed like the cliff was spitting sand out at times, and then following that, big boulders would roll down the side and crash onto the shore. You could actually hear and feel it from the lineup.”

Thankfully, there were no reports of injury. Stay tuned for more info.

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