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It’s all here. MANERA’s newest surf film “La Mer, Le Vent et Le Cerf-Volant” holds at it’s center the joys of kiting, surf and foil. Watch the video below to be transported. It might be the middle of a work day, but you can always take your mind away. Get there.

The Sea, the Wind and the Kite: Stay Salty with Manera’s Surf Film

Usually, a MANERA surf, kite & foil trip is always associated to an atypical destination in a relatively cold place. Last year, the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia was incredible!

MANERA planned this year’s trip  to be similar. But, in 2020, the word ‘normal’ takes on a whole new meaning. A global pandemic and two months of quarantine later, the crew at MANERA are forced to change all of their plans at the last minute. Making the best out of a difficult situation and with permitted authorization slips in their neoprene pockets, they decide to follow the wind and film the best local riders around France. A great recap of the adventure is richly portrayed in the film above.

“We started off by meeting Matt, the photographer, on a Saturday in front of the F-ONE/MANERA offices. We stood in front of Francis’ 1994 RV, which was going to be our house on wheels for the next two weeks…”  And, that’s how this salt water adventure begins.

Director: Olivier Sautet
Cameraman: Robin Christol – Olivier Sautet
Photographer: Matt Georges

Paul Serin
Maxime Chabloz
Jules Chollet
Lazare Gournay
Etienne Lhote
Oscar Perrineau
Bruno Semat

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We hope this adventure continues.

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