Photos by Liam Annis

2020 right? Who would’ve thought all this would have gone down. How’s your year been so far?  
2020 has definitely been a rollercoaster ride for sure. My year so far has been okay, could’ve definitely been better without all of this virus craziness. But I’m trying to making the best of the situation.


Ollie up, frontside crooked grind. Los Angeles, CA.

It looks like you’ve been keeping busy though, tell me a bit about your new DGK Beatbox part. 
Yeah! I’m not the one to stay still. I have to keep busy rather on the board or off. I’m definitely hyped on my DGK Beatbox part. I’m skating to a Channel Live track for that 90s feel. I want to say thanks to Brad Rosado, Darien Brown and Vitor for grinding in the streets with me to make It happen.
There’re a few tricks I wish I would’ve got but didn’t land. It’s a struggle sometimes, you know how that goes, but hopefully I’ll get them in future projects.

You’ve spent a lot of time traveling with Numeric and DGK, this must be the longest you’ve been home. Are you itching to get out of the USA and back to anywhere in particular? 
For sure! I cant wait until they open these borders up. I’m going to be the first person at the airport, bags and board in hand, ready. I’d really like to get back to Portugal, Taipei, Taiwan and visit a few new places.


Pop shove-it nosegrind. Riverside, CA.

With each part you consistently come up with some new heat that we haven’t seen from you before. Do you put in a lot of time challenging yourself to come up with something new? 
I make it a goal to push and challenge myself to do new tricks I’ve never done. I love the process of figuring it out. Especially when you’ve been thinking of a new trick at a certain spot for awhile and you get there, go through the motions, and get it. No better feeling than that. But if I don’t get it—we just not gonna talk about that [laughs].

You come across like a guy that lets the skating do the talking with minimal social media and big upping yourself. How important is that whole world to your skateboarding? 
I mean, the social media world is cool, I visit every now and then, but I don’t really make it my world or take it too seriously. But don’t get me wrong, it’s a great tool to let people know what projects you got going on.


Switch crooked grind. Sacramento, CA.

It looks like you’ve been spending a grip of time at Chaffey High School lately. Do you have something cooking at that legendary spot? 
Chaffey High is my stomping grounds. I grew up skateboarding there as a kid. Recently I proposed an idea to New Balance about a shoe colorway project for the Numeric 420. They were hyped on the idea, so me and a few of my homies I grew up skating there with have been filming for it. This was the perfect opportunity to come back and do something like this here, because it was an iconic place to skate in the 90s and early 2000s. Still is, just a little harder [laughs]. But definitely keep a look out for that project, should be coming out sometime next year.

 I think it’s safe to say you’re a vet in the game now—multiple video parts, sponsors and traveling the world. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a kid on what to do, or what not to do.  
Have patience, stay true to yourself, and don’t do anything if ya heart ain’t in it.

Whats the best words of wisdom you’ve got from Stevie or Kalis? 
Stay focused and know your worth.

Marquise Preston

Photo Credit: Liam Annis

Always hustlin’.

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