Each section of coastline in Africa has its own unique surf culture–a blend of history, community, music and style–propped up by the bevy of waves surrounding it. In the latest installment of “Sonic Souvenirs”, South African style whiz Mikey February visits one of these unique coastal communities–the coast known as Cote d’Ivoire–alongside fellow Vans team riders Alex Knost and Lee-Ann Curren.

“West Africa is pretty special,” says Mikey in the edit above. “Ghana, Nigeria… There’s amazing music that comes from there, there’s also some really epic waves. The attraction of the Ivory Coast was that it hadn’t been documented very much.” Throughout their time in Cote d’Ivoire, the Vans trio meets with local legends, samples their wave-rich hot spots and is welcomed with open arms into the Ivory Coast’s tightknit surf community. Everything about this edit–from the stylish surfing to the epic music–will make you want to dive deeper into Africa’s rich history of wave-riding.

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