My Shitty Board Review With…John J—SIMS’ The Day

SIMS and John Jackson are back with another shitty board review!

From the SIMS desk:
Seize the send. The Day combines the best aspects of rocker and camber technologies, a smooth mix of freestyle playfulness and power. This skate inspired twin-tip is loose in the streets and commanding in the park, loves a cat track side hit line, and devours any backcountry airtime opportunity put in its path.

Sims M-Pop Camber puts rocker between your feet for easy maneuvering and catch-free jib- ability with cambers underfoot for explosive pop. Snake Bite Tech 1.0 grips into the mountain with four additional contact points in the heel and toe zones, giving the rider increased edge hold and positive state of mind in icy and hard-packed conditions. Flexible Thin tip and tail tech plows through bombed out landings and chopped up pow, and absorbs the gnarliest kinks and transitions.

The Days rests on Sims Universal Core profile. Two bamboo stringers running tip-to-tail down the center of a poplar wood core, layered with a 20mm strip of I-Carbon Lite fiber, and overlaid with Sims Bi-Tex fiberglass, make The Day lightweight, easy flexing, and ultra responsive. Sims Standard Race Base is fast on the snow and durable on the steel. Available in a range of sizes, including wides.

SIMS My Shitty Board Review

Photo Credit: Ian Boll

Cody Warble
Tech Overview:

Rocker/Camber Profile: M-Pop Camber, Sims rocker dominate hybrid profile with camber under the feet. Easy maneuvering and catch-free with tons of pop.

Core profile: Sims Universal Core. Standard poplar wood core enhanced with two bamboo stringers running tip to tail down the center. Powerful and playful.

Base: Sims Standard Racing Base. Fast in the hills and durable in the streets.
Tip Tech: Flexible Thin tip and tail tech technology reduces material and swing weight, facilitating faster rotations.

Fiberglass laminate: Sims Bi-Tex fiberglass. Lightweight fiberglass mesh with smooth and easy flex characteristics.

Carbon Layup: 20mm wide I-Carbon Lite stringer for additional pop and longevity.

Edge Tech: Snake Bite Tech 1.0 grips into the mountain with four additional contact points in the heel and toe zones, providing increased edge hold in icy and hard-packed conditions.

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