HONOLULU, HI — Larry Haynes, who is considered to be the premier ocean cinematographer, recently passed away on February 9 on the North Shore of Oahu. 

Upon graduating from high school in Central California, Larry set out for his new home in Hawaii. It’s here where he decided to live his dream and the place where his creativity, tenacity, fearlessness and passion flourished. Combined with his love of the ocean and his innovative filming of those on and below the water, Larry created a legacy of remarkable talent and contributions to the global surfing world and beyond.

Larry is credited with manufacturing the “helmet cam” thereby changing the documentation of surfing forever. He cemented his reputation for being tremendously persistent, some would say stubborn, while taking video and pictures of North Shore surfers at times even risking his own life to get the “shot.”  His love and understanding of the ocean were a key to his continued success.

As much love for the ocean and his career as Larry had, there has been nothing that surpassed his love and commitment to family. Larry is affectionally remembered for “loving harder than anyone we knew. “And much of that love was reserved for the love of his life, his daughter, Lilly. 

Born on July 10, 2007, Lilly was the daughter who gave Larry even more purpose for him to love, to provide for, to teach passion, to show commitment and to give her the best life possible. As a Haynes family member shared, “Lilly will continue to remind us of what Larry did for all of us and that was to love. And love hard.” 

Haynes is being remembered as a “North Shore pillar,” the “most dominant cinematographer in the ocean,” and a “legendary filmmaker,” all of which are true. But he’s also being remembered as a joyful, loyal friend who you always wanted to share a surf. As his family would say, “…at the end of the night or when he would head home, he would always say, ‘I love you’ wrapping you in a big Larry hug”.

Larry Haynes was 61.

A Celebration of Life for Larry Haynes will be a paddle out on Sunday, February 26, 11:00 AM at Sunset Beach followed immediately with a memorial service at Sunset Beach Park. The public is invited to attend.

A GoFundMe page has been established in support of Larry’s daughter, Lilly:https://gofund.me/5622aba6

You can also contribute to Lilly directly. PO Box 1102, Haleiwa, HI. 96712

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