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Josh Riccio offers dynamic SUP Tips on punching out through the surf in this 8-minute video tutorial.  Lean back, step up and paddle over the top.  Here we go!

Josh Riccio on Punching Out Through the Surf:  Video Tutorial

Watch this 8-minute video on getting out past the surf zone by waterman & M20 record setter, Josh Riccio. Josh is currently building his repertoire of informative & dynamic content on his YouTube channelYou can subscribe to keep up to date on his new content.

Josh Riccio Flying Fish John Meskaukas photoPunching out over big waves or small can make a huge difference in overall race standings. First one out over the top has a clear advantage on the rest of the pack and then uses skill and strategy to maintain momentum to finish the race. Photo by: John Meskaukas

Step by Step:  Weight Balance to Lift Up and Over the Surf

In this step-by-step video SUP Tips tutorial, Flying Fish team rider Josh Riccio walks us through successfully navigating the surf zone on a stand up paddle race board. Whether competing in the Graveyard at next November’s 10th annual Carolina Cup, or taking on M2M as a downwind rite-of-passage this July, Josh’s quick tips will help build your confidence and skills moving through the white water on your SUP.

He breaks it down into 3 useful steps which are demonstrated through the video.

Step 1:  Well before you approach the wave, position nose of board directly into wave, and setup your paddle on your toe-side before changing stance.

Step 2:  Transition into your surf stance and step back to the tail, using your weight and paddle stroke to lift up the nose of the board over breaking wave.

Step 3:  As the wave is contacting the underside of your board,  you want to shift your weight forward onto your front foot while also taking a paddle stroke beyond the wave to propel you up and over. Use the paddle as leverage to pull yourself over the breaking wave. Then,  step forward again into your normal paddle (parallel) stance.

Repeat as many times as necessary to get clear of breaking surf.  Next, paddle your brains out and win the race.

Stay tuned for more SUP Tips by Josh Riccio.

Gear Used:

Josh Riccio Flying Fish Lil RipperJosh punches out and over to a beautiful Maui sunset. Photo by: @lilripper

Gear from Josh’s sponsors used to make this video include

SUP Race Board: Freedom 14’x 22″ at 269 litres made by Flying Fish Board Co.
Paddle: Apex 83″sq. by Werner Paddles
Fin: VMG Blades Time Trial

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