Wow. Forest and Brendan really came through on this one. Spot and trick selection, music and editing, colorful cameos… “Quiet” checks all the right boxes. Easily one of the best releases of the year so far.

It’s been said before, and will again, but the current shelf life of videos is just a damn shame. On that note, watch this twice, and then go back and revisit Jed’s recently released “Reality Breakdown.” Another gem gone too soon, applauded and pushed into the digital void.

From the Stop desk:

Stop. SHHH. It’s QUIET.

Follow Forest and friends on a few snowboarding adventures before everything stopped.

Film/edit: Brendon Hupp

Boarders in order: Forest Bailey, Temple Cummins, Alex Lopez, Mark Landvik, Niels Schack, Gus Engle, Baltimore Loth, Antoine Provencher, Cooper Whittier, Max Warbington, Patrick McCarthy, Darrell Mathes

Additional Filmers: Freedle Coty, Tim Stanford, Logan Beaulieu, Forest Bailey, Colt Morgan, Niels Schack.

Special thanks to 686 Outerwear, Gnu snowboards, Mount Baker resort.

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