Heartbreaking news came in today that Elaine Shallcross has passed away. Her story was one of the most uplifting and surprising things in skateboarding this year. A 68-years-young woman that has been diagnosed with breast cancer since 2018 decided that she was going to raise money for breast cancer research by learning to do a shuvit on a skateboard, while she had never stepped on a skateboard before! She posted her testimonials on Instagram and it quickly went viral in the skateboarding world to overwhelming support from skaters all over the globe who posted their own shuvit videos to the #shuvitcancer. Even top pros like Daewon Song and Tony Hawk have posted in support. When this year has already had some heavy and depressing moments for the skate community, Elaine’s story was a welcomed taste of positivity and hope in a world gone mad. Our hearts are heavy and all our love go out to her family and close friends during this difficult time. Below is her daughter’s news about Elaine’s passing and how we’re all going to make July 10th International Shuvit day in her honor. #shuvitcancer 

You can still donate to Elaine’s fundraiser against breastcancer here.

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