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What does it take to paddle as a part of an open water challenge, cross from the Bahamas to Florida as part of a relay team or as a solo paddler?  It takes heart. The Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis (X4CF) 2022 paddle challenge registration is now OPEN.

Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis registration paddle challenge
As a relay team or as an individual paddler, the Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis draws paddlers from around the globe to become a part of this great effort to support the Cystic Fibrosis community through paddling.

X4CF Registration: Sign Up Today & Begin Training for June 2022

Want to begin 2022 with a goal and a mental focus to put yourself in challenging conditions in order to learn from them? Then, sign up here. Registration is now OPEN for the 2022 Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis:


Last year’s Crossing saw 200 paddlers line up at the start line to stand up paddle, row, prone paddle, surfski and outrigger from the launch in Bimini and paddle across the international waters of the Florida Straits to arrive at Lake Worth, Florida.

This popular East Coast paddler’s event draws individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life to participate in this extraordinary paddle which supports the Cystic Fibrosis community.  Learn more by watching this incredible video below.

EVENT DATES:  June 22nd – 26th, 2022

2. Put Date on the Calendar (Sunday, June 26th, 2022)
3. Build Your Training Plan
4. Begin 2022 with Epic Goal
5. Crush that goal*
*Know you are helping hundreds of Cystic Fibrosis warriors through your efforts.

Build a Corporate Team, Relay Team or Paddle Solo

You don’t have to do it alone. Paddlers are encouraged to create relay teams, either competitive or recreational, in order to complete the Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis. Competitive categories include 2-Person or 4-Person relay teams. Recreational teams can include as many people as can fill a boat to have some fun. 80 miles is so much better shared among friends!

Once you have a team, build out your training plan. Start now and move into 2022 with an excellent fitness goal to set your sights on success in the year ahead. Stay positive! The tribe is here to support you. All registered paddlers receive coaching tips, opportunities to train together in Florida and a membership to possibly the most stoked tribe on the planet!  Once you’re on board, there is nothing that can stop you. Your efforts will help another to receive critical funding and programs they need in order to combat this debilitating disease which affects over 2 million people worldwide.

Learn More about
Piper’s Angels Foundation HERE

David Scarola Photography
The launch from Bimini in the Bahamas gathers paddlers in a tribute to CF warriors past & present.  Photo by: David Scarola Photography

Register Today for Early Bird Pricing

Paddlers who register now for the 2022 X4CF will receive Early Bird pricing. Registration fees go UP on December 1st to $129 and $429 for Recreational and Solo Paddlers. Sign up today and begin to build towards accomplishing your goals tomorrow.

Event date: Sunday,     June 26th, 2022
Registration deadline:      April 20, 2022 at 11pm EST
Fundraising minimum:     $1,500 per paddler & $250 per virtual paddler*
*deadline to raise funds 7/31/22

Recreational Solo Paddlers limited to only 60 participants (GET ON BOARD NOW). Full boat support is provided.

Registration Fees:
Recreational Solo Paddlers:
$400 before Dec. 1 2021
$429 after Dec. 1st 2021
$499 after Feb. 1st 2022
All other registration fees: 
$99 before December 1st 2021, $129 after December 1st 2012, $149 after February 1st.
Virtual Paddlers WELCOME!  No registration fee with a $250 fundraising minimum.

Bold in the Face of Fear:  X4CF Gives Breath to CF Warriors

The Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis 80-mile paddle challenge was inspired by the desire to replicate the struggles that CF warriors live with every day. Exhaustion, mental strategies, challenges with physical strength are all a part of the daily experience of people who live with Cystic Fibrosis.

Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis Pipers Angels Foundation rough water (2)
Leaning into the conditions, whatever is served up, is part of this symbolic and authentic journey. Paddlers dig deep to press on. Photo by: David Scarola Photography.

Inspire Every Breath: Ocean Air Helps CF Warriors

What you may not know is that saline or salt water is beneficial for these individuals who struggle with this debilitating lung disease. Ocean air and salt water helps break down the mucus in lungs as well as providing a negative ion mood boost which so many of us take for granted. When Travis Suit, father to CF warrior Piper, learned of this connection, he was inspired to create a paddle challenge to help his daughter. That effort has grown exponentially to become one of the most successful paddle fundraisers on the planet.

When a paddler decides to take on the Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis, he/she knowingly understands the task ahead and chooses to participate in order to help another human find support through the CF community.  Are you ready to start 2022 with a goal?

Let’s do this!

For MORE INFORMATION, visit The Crossing for Cystic Fibrosis website:

About Piper’s Angels Foundation

The Piper’s Angels Foundation mission is to support and improve the lives of families in the cystic fibrosis community through grassroots advocacy and socially innovative programs, raising awareness through education, offering life-expanding activities, providing urgent financial support, and funding critical developments. Additional information can be found online, at https://www.pipersangels.org.

Aloha. Stay tuned for MORE details on the next X4CF!

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