Clay Marzo is arguably one of the world’s most talented tube-riders–especially if there’s a lefthand tube in front of him that’s rifling and/or slabbing. Ever since “Just Add Water” dropped back in 2008, surfers the world over have looked to Marzo for radical inspiration. Just yesterday, Marzo posted a video of himself getting properly shacked, with the comment calling on the WSL to kindly give him (and his tube-stuffing abilities) the wildcard to the G-Land event:

“[I] saw that the @wsl is having a contest at G Land in a few months,” Marzo writes. “A big long barreling left. I would love to get the wildcard into that event. Who thinks Wsl should give me the wildcard? I am ready to battle the worlds best in the barrel. Let’s do this!“

We agree he should be given the wildcard–and so does some of the ‘CT’s top dogs.

“I think the whole world would be stoked to see @_clay_marzo in the @wsl G-Land event. You got my vote my dood 🙌🔥🙌” – stridersworld
@_clay_marzo@wsl@elo_eriklogan Wildcard for Marzo at Gland would be insane, fully justified as he is one of the best tube riders and all around surfers in the world with an incredibly entertaining and radical approach. Would be a fan favorite for sure. 🙌🙌” – shanebeschen

What do you think? Should Marzo be granted the G-Land wildcard?

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