Transworld Skateboarding is proud to announce the return of Skate & Create, Street Edition, coming this November. Four teams. Four original concepts. One month in the streets.

After being on lockdown for most of the year, bringing Skate & Create to the streets was the best way to make the contest itself infinitely simpler and safer: Think of a cool concept, go skate, go create. The resulting edits will run the gamut from lo-fi to high-concept and straight forward to mind-bending, and each one will be a celebration of the creativity at the heart of skateboarding.

We’re stoked to announce the four board brands participating in this year’s #skateandcreate2020 are Birdhouse, Thank You, Visual, and Meow.

And a huge thanks to Red Bull Skate for their continued support in making this contest a reality this year.

Stay tuned for more updates from the streets throughout the month of October.

Video: James Buchmann

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