If you have TikTok and you ride a skateboard, chances are you’ve seen some clips of Bubba Jackson on the FYP and beyond. He’s got an eye for unique spots and some quick feet to pull off the impossible at times.

His feed is a perfect blend of raw, stylish talent, mixed with fun, (but sketchy) clips like this that are just waiting to go viral. Even the first trick in this line is a little risky, but threading a needle this tight is rewarding to see. Wonder how many attempts this took?

@bubbajacksnSkinny legendddd 💁🏼‍♀️♬ original sound – tikatheiggy

Comments like, “That could’ve gone so bad!” and “Fantastic millimeter precision” are rightfully getting tossed around, but selfishly I had to agree with a few of the ones mentioning, “We need to see the bail video!” Maybe there were no bails, maybe there were. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! But I guarantee it’d attract just as much attention (if not more!)

Also, don’t be afraid to holler at Bubba in the comments — he’s great at responding and is usually happy to provide whatever you’re asking for. What a guy! At the very least, dive into a few of his videos. They will definitely get you in the mood to grab your board and get creative.

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