Hailing from Poughkeepsie, NY, Ryan Hamburg has been on our radar for years and is respectfully the newest rider for Slappy Trucks — skateboarding’s newest truck company from the mind of industry vet, Mike Sinclair.

This clip might only scrape 40 seconds, but there’s no denying it gets straight to the point. Burly, unique spots. Raw style. And in my opinion, a brag worthy trick selection (wait until 0:17! Rad.)

Slappy is carving out a space of their own in skate shops across the country, and with the help of guys like Ryan, we’ll be sure to see a lot more of them in 2023. A commenter on the post mentions, “One thing this video proves is that Slappy can do 180s in all different directions,” and it’s a comical, simple truth! The trucks are said to reduce wheel bite (which comes in handy for a few clips in this part!), offer the best grind clearance without affecting how you turn and are simply light and strong with a classic look.

No stranger to building teams of insane skaters who are at times a little less under the radar, we’re excited to watch the Slappy Trucks squad grow in 2023 with Sinclair fearlessly steering the ship.

Give Ryan a follow on Instagram (@ryan_hamburg) to really get a proper introduction from this maniac! And learn more about the Slappy mission at slappytrucks.com.

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