Travel restrictions are still out there, so make sure you read up before you travel so you don’t get stuck like Eero. Full story below.

“40 hours of traveling just to get back to square one. I was supposed to be on a @nitrousa filming trip to Japan, but once I landed in Tokyo I found out that 2 covid vaccines was not going to be enough to enter the country and to get on my connecting flight to Sapporo. I should have been vaccinated three times or had taken a negative covid test in the last 72h, so at this point my options were:

1: Booking (& paying) a hotel in Tokyo for the next three days and staying in quarantine.

2: Flying back home to Finland.

The problem was, that my trip was only going to be 5 riding days anyways, so staying isolated in a hotel room for three days to be able to catch my connecting flight to ride for a day and a half just didnt feel that inviting. So I chose to fly back to my family. 👨‍👩‍👦
I know I should have checked the covid restrictions before flying in, but in my head this whole covid madness was pretty much over…Would have been nice, if someone at the Helsinki airport at the check-in or at the gate would have asked or checked my vaccine certificate before boarding the plane…that would have saved a lot of time & hassle. Live and learn.” – Eero Ettala

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