Memorable surf trips come in all different types of flavors. There are quick jaunts up/down the coast for a day. Strike missions to perfect set-ups in warm locales. Even skunked efforts are (sometimes) worth remembering. But perhaps the ones that are most unforgettable are the ones where you ditch all comforts and cash in those vaca hours to explore a coastline completely foreign to you–which is, more or less, what team Roark did recently on what looked to be an epic score along the South Island of New Zealand.

In their new film above, “Absent Without Leave”, Parker Coffin, Harrison Roach, Nate Zoller and Jeff Johnson rent a couple of Landrovers, dirt bikes, and a seaplane, and get lost along New Zealand’s wave-littered coastline, camping out in the frigid elements between session. New Zealand can be fickle and plagued by insufferable winds at times, but with the right mindset (and an incoming swell, of course), visiting surfers can have the trip of a lifetime–if they know where to look.

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