Meet Joe Skoby. A La Jolla, California native who is passionate about pottery and surfing. Joe is a master tradesman, skilled in sculpting masterpieces out of wood and clay and equally adept at cruising easily along the California surf on his board.

Surfer spent a day catching up with Joe as part of VELO’s Road Trip: Beyond Boundaries program, a cross-country adventure bringing you access to individuals who are experiencing life beyond the boundaries, pursuing their passions and striving to make a difference in their local communities.

Joe shares with us why his various passions, and his love of sport, pushes him to explore life beyond its normal boundaries. For Joe, pushing himself means finding ways to turn his creative passions into a way of life, ensuring he has the ability to turn a work-life balance into a life-life balance. 


Want to go beyond your boundaries and explore life like a local in San Diego?  Here are some of Joe’s favorite local hangouts:


Any surfer worth his or her salt knows that mums the word when it comes to sharing any of their go-to spots. And we promised Joe we wouldn’t spill the beans on his home turf. That said, San Diego is home to endless miles of surf for beginners and experts alike. The picturesque beauty and SoCal sun makes San Diego a year round destination for surf enthusiasts from the world over.

For anyone looking for specific areas to check out in the San Diego area, Mission Beach is always a great place to start. The picturesque La Jolla Shores beach at the foot of San Diego State University are always at the ready for anyone who wants to get on their board outside of the city.


The Pacific Ocean provides bountiful fresh seafood and San Diego is just miles from the Mexican border. Which means plenty of options bursting with flavor. And lots of fish tacos.

El Pescador Fish Market has been operating since 1974, offering up fresh just-caught fish to-go or prepared on a sandwich, taco or salad.

The Fish Market San Diego has a few locations serving up fresh grilled seafood, sushi and oysters. Enjoy on site at one of their patio tables or grab and go from their retail market.

Coffee and surfing go hand-in-hand, especially with all of those early wake up calls to grab first light. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is a San Diego staple, serving up organic, fair-trade java with multiple locations up and down the coast.  Closer to downtown San Diego, Dark Horse Coffee Roasters has multiple locations to fuel your morning ride “Down the 5”. 


The warm climate allows for enjoying lots of perfect evenings off the ocean year round.  However if you prefer your fun within four walls, the Belly Up Tavern is an intimate music venue with a lively scene featuring a rotating lineup of popular acts.

The Observatory North Park has been serving up fun since 1939. This restored theatre plays host to an eclectic array of musical acts. 

The Cashbah is another popular option. Located near downtown, this nightclub and music venue has been bringing the fun since 1989.  


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