A new web series, Tasman Team series highlights YES. Snowboard’s Australia/New Zealand team, comprising Briony May Johnson, Tom Pelley, Mike Handford, and Jesse Kennedy. Briony is up first—more below:

“I feel very fortunate to have Briony May Johnson in the YES. family. Whether she’s cruising the resort, splitboarding into new spots, or tearing apart the famous Myoko pow, Briony does it all in her own personal style – with a strength and finesse that is impossible NOT to notice. Oh, and let’s not forget her lodge in Myoko (@RefreMyoko) – which is like a second home for the YES. Family when we are in Japan. Many thanks for being one of THE TASMANiacs, Briony. Big Love!” – Amine Yasmine, SlidePath

“When DCP and JPS sat me down to ask how I would feel about joining the YES. family, I looked around the room to make sure the rest of the group heard what I had heard. They were all smiling, or maybe they were laughing because my face was in shock. I think my jaw was touching the ground.

This was particularly special to me since I had been riding their boards for a few years, following the brand’s story and have huge respect for the owners and its team riders. There was zero hesitation, and you never say no to a company called YES. The endless support, the lessons I learn and the encouragement from the team is the foundation of this family and I am so proud to help represent it.” – Briony May Johnson

Special Thanks To
YES. Snowboards
Phootstep Films
Refre Myoko
Lotte Arai
Mowamba River Lodge

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