Danyale Patterson, aka Dangy, aka JibGurl features on the latest episode of The Bomb Hole Podcast, checking in to talk growing up in Alaska, veganism, being active outside of snowboarding, life on the Internet, and the secrets of her success, from riding and producing the Too Hard videos, to building a fervent following on social media.

From The Bomb Hole desk:

Snowboarding, dancing, skateboarding, cats and just the right amount of selfies. Did Dangy, aka JibGurl, crack the code and solve one of the worlds greatest mysteries—the secret to social media? She puts herself out there and is not scared to show us who she really is and we love it. Haters can’t stop watching and fans keep coming back for more feeling empowered by her give-no-fucks attitude. This might be the only episode you will see BudDesiel dance so sit back get comfortable and welcome to the world of JibGurl on this weeks episode of The Bomb Hole!!!

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