Mikey Leblanc, man, what do you say? This guy is larger than life for a lot of snowboarders who came up when I did. From Destroyer on through Love/Hate, Mikey embodied a type of give-no-fucks, take-no-shit charging that lit a flame in so many of us. A working man’s rider, if you will. All killer, no filler.

I’ve typed this a few times, and a lot of descriptors just fall short. Simply put, Mikey is the real deal, a bonafide icon, a sharp business mind, a humble genius… This latest episode is a long one—covering the wharfs of Maine, the glory days of Summit County, working in the Solid Snowboards shop, filming with Kingpin and Whitey and on through the annals of some of snowboarding’s most definitive history—but is it ever a mandatory listen. Clear the schedule and get learnt!

From The Bomb Hole Desk:
Wharf rat, maniac, iconic pro snowboarder, business owner, video producer, musician, zen monk/priest and one of the most down to earth people on this planet. To use the word legend to describe this weeks guest is an understatement. Mikey Leblanc tells us his story from working hard as a youth so he could do what he wanted to moving west with tale’s from his journey in the Snowboard world all the way to his current struggle of running a brand in the ever changing landscape of the current times dealing with Covid and other current events. This will go down as one of our best conversations at the Bomb Hole so grab a beverage, actually grab a handful because this is a long one, get comfortable and enjoy to this weeks episode!

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