The Bomb Hole EP. 30—Hailey Langland

In addition to netting herself a heavy new nickname, Yung Hails joins the Bomb Hole to discuss her intro to boarding and taking X Games gold at 16, making history with the cab double 10, working with coaches, coming up at Bear, fire sleds, the PyeongChang Olympics, influences, a Snowboard Fantasy League, drug testing, home school, what’s on her horizon and so much more!

From The Bomb Hole desk:
X Games gold at 16 years old, steroids and snowboarding, mental health, the first woman to do a cab double 1080, getting barked at by Lucas Magoon, the olympics in South Korea, drug testing and snowboarding, the perks of riding for Red Bull, snowmobile catching on fire, the current state of women’s snowboarding and more! Hailey Langland learned how to ride with a crew of boys at a very young age. They got her riding fast and learning to really push herself so she could keep up with them. The formula seemed to work because at 16 years old she won the coveted X-Games gold medal and then went on to be in the Olympics. The sky is the limit for Young Hails and we will have a close eye on her in the coming years as she dominates the contest series and then moves on to locking down video parts. She has the best personality and is one of the most down to earth nicest people you will meet. Hailey Langland is the future of women’s snowboarding and after the conversation we had on this week’s episode of The Bomb Hole, it’s obvious that women’s snowboarding is in great hands!

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