Contest organizers of the historic big-wave event known as the Eddie Aikau Big-Wave Invitational have officially green-lit the contest to run this Sunday. After initially calling on the event for January 11th, and then quickly rescinding that decision due to non-ideal conditions, forecasters have deemed the swell hitting the North Shore on the 22nd as one worthy of holding an event in.

Having last run in 2016 and crowned John John Florence the deserved winner, the Eddie usually draws fans from all over the world. Hopefully be another day to remember. The invitees listed below–which include a handful of women for the first time in the event’s history–are busy getting their gear ready and heads prepped for the upcoming showdown.

Stay tuned for more info.

@shannonreporting Will The Eddie get another chance to run? All eyes on an incoming NW swell building this weekend as event organizers and competitors prepare for a potential call for Sunday. Footage above from the 2016 Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational when the waves got so big at Waimea that they closed out the Bay sending water safety and production teams in to the beach. 📽 @shannonreporting #thebaycallstheday #eddiewouldgo #theeddie #eddieaikau #bigwave #bigwaves #bigwavesurfing #waimea #waimeabay #hawaii #northshore #oahu #jetski #jetskis #northshoreoahu #surf #surfing ♬ original sound – Shannon Reporting

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