The historic big-wave event known as the Eddie Aikau Big-Wave Invitational was green-lit yesterday for Wednesday, January 11th, but in the past few hours was called-off due to non-ideal conditions. Now forecasters are looking at the 22nd for a possibly run date. Having last run in 2016 and crowned John John Florence the deserved winner, the 2022-2023 Eddie will hopefully align with some XXL swell in the coming weeks. The invitees listed below–which include a handful of women for the first time in the event’s history–are busy getting their gear ready and heads prepped for the upcoming showdown.

Stay tuned for more info.

Aaron Gold
Andrea Moller
Billy Kemper
Eli Olson
Emily Erickson
Ezekiel Lau
Grant Baker
Greg Long
Ian Walsh
Jake Maki
Jamie O’Brien
Jamie Mitchell
John John Florence
Josh Moniz
Justine Dupont
Kai Lenny
Keala Kennelly
Keali’i Mamala
Kelly Slater
Koa Rothman
Kohl Christensen
Landon McNamara
Lucas Chianca
Luke Shepardson
Makani Adric
Makuakai Rothman
Mark Healey
Mason Ho
Michael Ho
Nathan Florence
Nathan Fletcher
Nic von Rupp
Paige Alms
Peter Mel
Ramon Navarro
Ross Clarke-Jones
Shane Dorian
Taio Shipman
Tikanui Smith
Tyler Larronde

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