Over the course of the past month, we’ve been running season 2 of “Surf Jeopardy!” — our surfy version of the classic TV game show — wherein fans far and wide have tuned in to flex their surf trivia muscles via Instagram Live. A mustachioed Jon Wayne Freeman has acted as our Trebek-like host, peppering participants with questions from categories like “Slater-Ology”, “Old or Retro”, “Occy”,” “3 Letter Surf Brands” and more

The structure of each episode worked much like that of the OG “Jeopardy!”: contestants picked from a category at a certain value (e.g. “Occy” for $100), were served facts like, “Occy played himself in this ’80s Hollywood surf movie,” and were required to answer quickly (“What is the ‘North Shore’”).

Last week we hosted a season finale of sorts wherein 9 contestants with a knack for surf history digitally gathered to mentally joust for a shot at the grand prize of a T&C surfboard (with a psychedelic resin job done by the talented Brian King for SURFER and Dragon’s recent Resin Roundup competition) and a pair of Dragon sunglasses from the Rob Machado Resin Collection.

After maneuvering his way through categories like “Positive Vibe Warriors”, “Hanging Pen” and “Banned by Pro Surfing”, returning contestant Zach Lana from Los Angeles, CA (who won bragging rights and a fresh new rip stick last season after his finale win) dominated the field of surf nerds once again to claim some more bragging rights and yet another rip stick. Can he be stopped? We think not. Click play above to rewatch the season 2 finale and see how you’d stack up when it comes to obscure surf trivia.


The mustachioed host of “Surfer Jeopoardy!”, Jon Wayne Freeman

The 9 contestants of “Surf Jeopardy!”:

Name: Ken Lewis
Location: San Diego, CA
Homebreak: Mission Beach/Sunset Cliffs
Favorite Surfboard: 6’4″ Stu Kenson “Rocket Fish”
Favorite Surf Movie: “Beyond Blazing Boards” or “The Occumentary”
Category Strengths: ’70s, ’80s, ’90s
Category Weakness: Anything after 2008 or Brazilian Storm-related
Social: @hanger18

Name: Matthew Donoian
Location: Tampa Florida
Homebreak: Jensen Beach Florida
Favorite Surfboard: Al Merrick
Favorite Surf Movie: “Lost Across America Vol. II: The Decline of Surfing Civilization”
Category Strengths: Surf spots
Category Weaknesses: Pro surfers
Social: @captainmatticus

Name: Zach Lana
Location: Los Angeles
Homebreak: Shitpipe
Favorite Surfboard: Xanadu “Xank”
Favorite Surf Movie: “Modern Collective”
Category Strengths: Chophops, Huntington hops and Double pump bottom turns
Category Weakness: Non-NSSA Open Juniors winners
Social: @valleygurl24

Name: Tyler Allen
Location: Brazil
Homebreak: Po-Ha-Cara yo Brazil
Favorite Board: 11’1″ Kennedy
Favorite Surf Movie: “Swizzle my Nizzle”
Category Strengths: Everything
Category Weakness: No weakness
Social: @tylerallenvo

Name: Kay Saffe
Location: Pacific Beach (PB) / San Diego, CA
Homebreak: Crystal Pier
Favorite Board: 9’0″ Hank Warner “Dream Machine Noserider”
Favorite Surf Movie: “One California Day”
Category Strengths: Hippie Havens, anything about longboarding
Category Weaknesses: Questions that ask me what year something happened

Name: Stefan Jeremias
Location: Costa Mesa, CA
Homebreak: Newport Beach
Favorite Board: 5’10” Mandala RPQ
Favorite Surf Movie: “STYLEMASTERS”
Category Strengths: Surf history, culture, board design
Category Weaknesses: Broisms, competitive stats

Skip McCullough
Location: La Jolla, Ca.
Homebreak: Windansea
Favorite Board: 8’0″ Xanadu Barrel Gun
Favorite Surf Movie: “Blue Horizon”
Category strengths: Surf movies
Category Weaknesses: Past WSL/ ASP stats

Name: Jason Miller
Location: San Clemente, California
Homebreak: Trestles
Favorite Board: Slater Designs “Sci-Fi 2.0”
Favorite Surf Movie: “Fanning The Fire” (on tape)
Category Strengths: 50/50 questions
Category Weaknesses: Bro-isms

Name : Alex Frischman (@chickfilasandwich)
Location: Brooklyn NY
Homebreak: New Smyrna Beach, Florida
Favorite Board: 4’11″ Sam Cumisky twin fin
Favorite Surf Movie: “Loose Change”
Category strengths: 2000s surf films
Category weakness: Anything BC (before Curren)

Congrats to Zach Lana, who once again walked away with the grand prize of a brand new surfboard and a pair of Rob Machado Dragon sunglasses.


This Town and Country Board, glassed beautiful by the talented resin artist Brian King, goes to Zach Lana.

dragon sunglasses

Photo Credit: Todd Glaser

Rob Machado Dragon sunglasses.

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