“You cannot petition the lord with prayer!”

The Octopus Boys is the 4th installment in WASTED YOUTH’s long suffering saga of making snowboard movies that feature minimal worries and maximum pow. As always this movie features a rag tag ensemble of good friends who call the interior of British Columbia their home, either by birth, immigration or until Johnny Law catches up with them. The Octopus Boys features the snowboarding of WASTED YOUTH’s finest: The Sinister Minister Sean Barrett, Big Sexy Keith Martin, Blood Money Son Chris Curran, James “Dozer” Coombs, The Twiggy Alien Taylor “Texas Ranger” Roberts, Johan “Rosenberg” Rosen, Benoit Pageo, Dustin Craven and more.

Riders in order of appearance:
Part 1: Dozer, Seb Grondin, Keith Martin, Johan Rosen, Dustin Craven, Sean Barrett, Benoit Pageo, Chris Boyd, Taylor Roberts, Dan Stewart, Kareem El Rafie, Tristan Hansen, Joel Loverin.

Part 2: Big Rig, Chris Boyd, Tyler Lightfoot, Taylor Roberts, Nils Arvidsson, Darcy Keller, Dustin Craven, Keith Martin, Johan Rosen, Dozer.

Filmed and edited by Wasted Youth.

Additional filming by Evan Levalee, Dylan Ross, Ty Spooner, Darcy Keller, Dustin Craven.

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