We have all cursed our local plow driver. “They din’t go a good enough job” or “They never go down to the pavement.” whether or not we were trying to get to the mountain, or get home from work, we’ve all been inconvenienced by a town’s ability (or lack there of) to remove snow.

A youtube channel called Half as Interesting has really broken it down for us.

One commenter, @RobWVideo – seems to imply that the place that has figured it out the best is in Iceland. “Fun fact: Reykjavik in Iceland has so much waste geothermal heat that after using it to generate their electricity and provide free hot water to most buildings they run hot water pipes under the streets and sidewalks to melt all of the snow.

They also heat one corner of the lake in the center of town so that the water fowl have somewhere to swim even in the middle of winter.”

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