Did you know that in times of high stress and anxiety, people watch more horror and disaster movies? I read that somewhere, or heard it on a podcast…or maybe just made it up. Either way, it has a strange kind of logic to it that just sounds right — when your entertainment becomes an avatar for your anxiety, you can feel like you’re working through it by just watching a movie. So perhaps “Pentacoastal”, a surf movie that creator Wade Goodall said was inspired by dystopian ozploitation films like “Mad Max”, is exactly the kind of surfy entertainment we could all use in what often feel like end times.

The film, which you can click here to watch on Vans’ YouTube channel tonight at 7 p.m. Pacific Time, is truly something unique. With a dark, moody soundtrack and animations made from thousands of hand-drawn images, it isn’t quite like any other surf movie. But that’s not to say the surfing itself isn’t a thing to behold, which is inevitable when you point a camera at wave riders like Goodall, Dane Reynolds, Nathan Fletcher, Pat and Tanner Gudauskas, Nathan Florence, Dylan Graves, Kyuss King and Harry Bryant.

Be sure to tune in tonight for the online premiere, and while putting on leather pants and hockey masks aren’t required to watch, they certainly couldn’t hurt, either. For more on the making of “Pentacoastal”, click here to check out our full profile on Goodall from our spring issue.

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