For over a decade now, photographer Chris Burkard and filmmaker Ben Weiland have been traveling to the outskirts of Arctic destinations in search of empty, perfect, extremity-numbing waves. Their latest film, “Arc of Aleutia” (which you can watch here on Amazon), gives us an up-close-and-personal look at all the trials and tribulations that take place while trying to sniff out a deserted score in Alaska. On this trip, Weiland and Burkard are joined by stylists Harrison Roach, Parker Coffin and Nate Zoller, and what they find is a coldwater set-up to remember.

Photo Credit: Chris Burkard/Steller

“My first trip to the Aleutians years ago was very much for me,” says Burkard. “Photography was the tool I used to feel it, experience it and process such a wild place. It’s important to have those personal and at times even selfish trips in order to better share it with others. Having returned a few times since, I can say that watching a landscape, its people and even at times its waves change someone is really special to witness. Last fall we returned to make a new film about these islands and people. Proud to see this group push past the bitter cold and rugged to soak in the very last bits of light and swell.”

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Photo Credit: Chris Burkard/Steller

Freezing but worth it

Steller, an adventure exploration app, pieced together the expedition in a new behind-the-scenes look at what it took to make the film. Click through the Steller stories below to see some stunning landscape, some jaw-dropping lineups and plenty of epic, ice-cream-headache-inducing waves. While the geo-tags are vague, we can’t help but be awestruck by the effort Burkard and Weiland went through to make this coldwater adventure come to life.

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