Today–February 11th, 2021–Robert Kelly Slater turns 49 years old. And in just a couple months (hopefully), he’ll embark on what may feel to longtime surf fans like his 86th go around on Tour, where he’ll likely still out-carve, hack and tube ride many guys less than half his age. It’s honestly just astounding. Heading into his 49th year of living, Slater’s still one of the most captivating surfers to watch, probably even more so, in fact, than when he first clicked into high gear in Taylor Steele ’90s hits like “Momentum”, “Loose Change”, “Good Times” and more. Can’t remember that far back? Fear not. Press play above and re-watch Slater’s section from “Good Times”, brought to you by Taylor Steele.

If you’d like to watch more footage from Steele’s classics, along with never-before-seen B-roll clips, check out Steele’s Momentum Files.

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