TRAVIS RICE, commonly referred to as the greatest snowboarder of all time, has just added another video to his catalog. Accoutrement is 6:19 of big mountain madness.

“This past season, I was able to link into some amazing side dishes while hosting and competing on the Natural Selection Tour. The Tour takes a lot of bandwidth and demands long hours working and adventure boarding in the mountains throughout the year. A lot of days spent in savagely inclement weather preparing for when it all comes into alignment. Having gear that excels when the hydrological cycle is pumping full force is so key to having fun while within the tempest… Accouterment is essentially a small collection of little sessions while working through last season… Thank you to Nick Koldenhoven for cutting this up and Pulseline Adventures out of Valdez Ak for logistics and watching our backs.! Gave Monroe and the whole team, you guys have the most incredible terrain and approach.! Sean Aaron, Nick Koldenhoven for filming and Gabe Kocher on the aerial cinematography game!”

-Travis Rice

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