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As all women know, swimsuits are fickle. They can ride up, fall down, or just be all-around uncomfortable. Life is too short to be constantly adjusting your bathing suit. When I learned of Treeline Collective’s new consciously-designed and ethically-sourced swimwear line, I was curious to see what would be different about this suit.

Treeline collective seychelle swimwear one piece swimsuit

Treeline Collective Eco-Conscious Swimwear

Treeline Collective is an up-and-coming fashion and lifestyle brand that recently added swimsuits to their product line. The swimsuits are designed in Canada and ethically made in Columbia, and the company belongs to 1% for the Planet. Treeline Collective’s pieces are inspired by island living, and designed with the practicality of four seasons in mind. Personally, I am someone who likes to play outside whether I’m surfing, paddle boarding, going for long walks, or getting some fresh air and a stretch with an outdoor yoga practice. I am always moving and have yet to find a versatile swimsuit that keeps up with all my activities. So, when I learned that Treeline Collective’s swimsuits are specifically designed to perform across different outdoor activities, whether one is swimming or not, I was curious to try one out.

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I opted for Treeline Collective’s Seychelles bathing suit, a beautiful, hot-pink V-Neck one-piece with thick straps and a low-cut back. My experience with Treeline Collective was positive before I even tried it on. Shipping was fast, and the packaging was artistic, thoughtful, and environmentally conscious. When I unwrapped the piece, I immediately felt the fabric itself was of high-quality. It is soft and has a good amount of stretch, but is also sleek, durable, and vibrant in color.

Treeline collective seychelle swimwear one piece swimsuit

Swimsuits for Hiking, Yoga and Other Leisure Activities

By far, my favorite aspect of the bathing suit is its versatility.  Treeline Collective designed the Seychelles suits to be able to be worn 365 days a year, both in and out of the water.  I received the suit in Boston, MA in March, so I couldn’t exactly hop in the ocean without a wetsuit! That didn’t stop me from wearing it though. I wore the suit for a sweaty yoga practice, a long, deep, Yin stretch session, and a night out on the town with my college friends.

During a fast-paced, heat-building yoga flow, the Seychelles one-piece showed its ability to keep up with dynamic movement. The barely-there feel kept me cool, while the quality material and thick straps kept me supported. During an hour-long, deep stretch Yin yoga session, the suit showed its ability to bend, twist, and move without causing irritation or pinching my skin so I was able to fully focus on getting into the poses. When I went out to dinner with my friends, I wore the swimsuit with jeans, boots, and a jacket, and got so many compliments on the bright color.

Treeline collective seychelle swimwear one piece swim suit

Can’t Wait to Swim In it!

While I wasn’t able to take the swimsuit into the ocean for a surf or swim session, it definitely passed the test for land-based athletic activities and is clearly a versatile garment. With a fashionable and flattering design and a demonstrated ability to perform, I have every confidence that this will be my go-to swimsuit in and out of the water.

Treeline Collective’s new swimwear line also includes two-pieces suits as well, which I am eager to try out in the warmer months. They have proven that using environmentally conscious materials doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance or aesthetics. Overall, I can confidently say that folks at Treeline Collective hit the nail on the head with a functional, beautiful, and eco-friendly garment that you’ll want to wear all the time, whether you’re swimming or not.

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