The below gallery looks like something you might see while under the grips of a magic mushroom. It’s surf photography with a twist, and it’s inspired by the numbing amount of sameness we see on our phones and computers every single day. “For the first 40 years of surf media we had to wait for a magazine to arrive at our door, or the latest film to swing through town, in order to eat up celluloid images of our shared obsession,” says former SURFER Magazine art director Matt Allen, the man behind these warped, tweaked and transformed images. “Now we get more than we can handle. So much so, that rather than savoring interesting images, we quickly discard them in search of whatever is next.”

For Allen, that habit of quickly discarding beautiful images inspired him to play with his own photography. To have fun with the lines, colors, surfers and shapes, without compromising the integrity of the original image. “I started taking images and warping them selectively, to help tell more of a story,” Allen continues. “As I went along, I got bolder with my edits and new narratives emerged. Some images ended up being environmental commentaries, while others remained simply fun abstractions.”

Below you’ll find 13 of Allen’s images. Hopefully they stop you in your tracks. Do they make your stomach churn? Do they make you dizzy? Maybe even a little uncomfortable? Good. That’s the point. Allen continues: “Feast your eyes, let your mind wander, and see where it takes you…”

All photos and captions by Matt Allen

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