Vans and Tyson Peterson have teamed up to create a new collection that’s just as eclectic as the skater himself. Known for his floaty, boundary-pushing skate approach, as well as his thrifted fashion sense, Tyson curates Vans’ Micro-Dazed Pack, showcasing his personal style and Florida roots, and bringing a trippy influence to the retro-inspired collection.

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The Drill Chore coat leads this pack with elements like corduroy and patches that add vintage styling to this on-trend silhouette, which is offered in two colorways. A port royale corduroy chore coat offers a flower patch on the oversize chest pocket, while a psychedelic black version of the coat features a warped and wavy take on Vans’ classic Checkerboard pattern, “Off The Wall” in distorted lettering on the back shoulder, a dazed sunflower down the sleeve, and a strolling mushroom patch on the chest pocket.

Four T-shirts also come to life within the collection, including an antique white tee with a crocodile graphic on the front, a black tee and antique white long sleeve tee both featuring cracked egg graphics, and a port and grey striped ringer with a flower patch. A retro short sleeve woven shirt with a port-colored flower pattern instantly elevates the look, and a Micro-Dazed tote carries over the same crocodile, dazed sunflower, mushroom and cracked egg graphics, along with a retro-flower-print patch.

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