Okay, okay. We know Matt Tomasello is the king of this stuff. The dude is no stranger to getting weird and rad on his skateboard—but this (as many of the comments point out) is some real life Inspector Gadget stuff right here. 

I’ve watched this video so many times now, and still can’t explain what exactly is going on. I see it happening, but I get lost along the way. It’s a very distracting trick, which I love. It only adds to the mystique. 

Really, though…how do you come up with something like this? The pure ingenuity that goes into crafting this board up in the first place is impressive enough, but to literally do a trick that couldn’t be done otherwise is insane. It makes me laugh, but not in a lame way; in a way that my mind won’t let me comprehend. I’ve just never seen anything like it (well, honestly, besides some of Matt’s other tricks). Safe to say, this trick is as much a work of art as it is a silly skateboard maneuver.

Besides a few of the Inspector Gadget comments, these were pretty on point: “Your tricks are turning into those complicated traps from the SAW movies 😂” I agree with that one, absolutely. “Bro is riding the doohickey,” just made me laugh. And another one I can get behind: “The davinci of skateboarding 🔥” 

Check Matt’s feed for some genuine skateboarding entertainment. He rips, there’s no denying that, but his unique approach to skateboarding is what’s really impressive and refreshing. One thing is for sure—Matt never has to worry about imitators. Good luck trying to mirror this one!

Video / @matttomasello

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