Carissa Moore is a 4-time World Champion with a huge smile, a seemingly endless supply of positivity and the meanest forehand snap in the game. Of course, there’s much more to Moore than what we see during webcasts. Director Peter Hamblin — the creative behind Frank Solomon’s biopic “Let’s Be Frank” — partnered with Moore last year in an attempt to share the Champ’s life story and to shed light on what exactly drives her to competitive greatness. In “Riss” — a not-so-typical profile surf film — Hamblin goes behind the media speak and smile, and in just over 40-minutes, we get insight into Moore’s life on and off Tour.

Narrated from start to finish, “Riss” is a three-part vignette from Moore’s 2019 season on the Championship Tour, which is now available to watch on Red Bull TV above (make sure to click the “full-screen icon” for the best viewing experience).

“Riss” is a fun and zany profile film, but it also has depth, diving into who Moore is as a person, as a role model and as one of the best surfers of all time. It gives us more Moore than we’ve ever seen before.

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