Dylan Graves has proven himself to be a glass-half-full kind of guy. Over several installments of  Graves’s “Weird Waves” series, we’ve seen the Puerto Rico-bred surfer greet everything from barely rideable Arctic glacier pulses to Pacific Northwest standing waves with the sort of enthusiasm typically reserved for head-high-and-pumping. 

He froths on weird waves, it’s clear. But what about weird boards? 

In the latest installment of SURFER’s “Shed Sessions”, Graves’ brio for the bizarre meets a formidable challenger in a ’70s-era Stanley Pleskunas single-fin with inlay flex deck. Handpicked for Graves by Bird’s Surf Shed patriarch “Bird” Huffman, the board — which features a rolled bottom, wide-based, glassed-in fin pushed back toward the tail, and a soft-deck meant to allow the board to flex and twist in imaginative ways — is truly otherworldly, a seemingly perfect foil for a surfer bent on locating the outermost limits of pure fun. 

Click play to watch the weird waves connoisseur test out a weird board. 

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