Slush The Magazine’s World Quarters contest showcases the best hand plants seen round the world. It is a hand plant mania. There is a slushy, erect quarter pipe built at Mammoth Mountain Resort, and some of the world’s top professionals come out to showcase their best moves. There is nothing like a nice hand plant to make the crowd feel good, so here is a compilation of some of the best hand plants displayed at Slush The Magazines World Quarters event since its inception. Feast your eyes.

The handplant is an exhilarating snowboard trick that combines balance, style, and precision. It involves grabbing the snowboard’s edge with one hand while in mid-air and planting it on the ground, typically on a ramp or wall. This trick requires strong upper body strength and excellent timing to execute smoothly. The handplant adds an element of creativity and flair to a rider’s repertoire.

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