Eero Etela, seems to have stumbled upon the elixir of eternal youth, defying the laws of aging on a snowboard. At the ripe age of 38, he continues to soar through the frosty air, leaving younger riders green with envy and nursing their aching muscles.

While most of us struggle to stay upright on a snow-covered hill, Eero effortlessly carves his way through the unforgiving streets, as if he were gliding on a cloud. It’s as if he has a secret pact with gravity, bending its rules to suit his whims.

Eero’s accomplishments in the last decade alone could fill a library, while our own list of achievements might barely fill a post-it note. He’s conquered mountains, won countless competitions, and pushed the boundaries of what’s possible on a snowboard. And here we are, still trying to figure out how not to faceplant while putting on our boots.

So, let’s face the truth. When it comes to snowboarding, Eero has more skill and style in his little toe than most of us have in our entire bodies. While we may dream of flying down those slopes with finesse, Eero effortlessly embodies the very essence of snowboarding, making us question our own existence as mere snow-plodding mortals.

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