Italo Ferreira, the current world champ, recently spent a week in the Maldives emulating his favorite surfer, Andy Irons. Sure, their styles and stances are different, but Ferreira attacks waves the same way Irons did. After the trip, Ferreira sat down with his clips and recreated Irons’ famous section from Taylor Steele’s “Campaign”. While surfing has changed quite a bit since 2005 (for as gnarly as Irons was, he wasn’t doing full rote airs like Ferreira is these days), this section absolutely captures the spirit of Irons’ surfing. “I’m not trying to compare my self to him, NEVER, he is my inspiration to get better and better,” Ferreira says in the description alongside this section. “The movie is called CAMPAIGN, I watch it everyday before my sessions. In Andy’s part, we tried to edit it with the same music and same maneuvers but I’m goofy footer hahaha.” While Ferreira has been a content machine as of late, this creative ode to Irons is probably the best edit he’s put out this year. Click play immediately.

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