Up until his tragic passing a few weeks ago, Pipe legend Derek Ho was an inspiring North Shore icon and will forever remain close to the hearts and minds of the surf community. At 55 years old, the late Ho lived an active and adrenaline-filled existence, hunting South Shore slabs in the summer and rushing 10-foot Pipeline during the winter, each year cementing himself as one of the most talented surfers of our time. This tribute clip — from Mason Ho, Derek’s nephew — was all filmed over the last five years of Ho’s life. The opening clip, from a classic day late last winter, will go down as one of the best and most memorable rides in Pipe’s very storied history. And that’s just the beginning of this 12-minute montage that does a wonderful job honoring the late Ho’s legacy.

“This man was/is an INCREDIBLE Father, Brother, Uncle, Husband & Friend,” Mason says in the description alongside this piece he put together with the help of Rory Pringle. “Always inspiring people around him and BLOWING MINDS in the water or on land. The first ever Hawaiian World Champion. A scientist of FUN! 100% one of the Kings of Pipeline and was blown out of the barrel more than most will know. We will forever carry on your energy and passion for life and surfing.”

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