While some big-wave joints are known for producing tubes the size of small apartment buildings–say, Jaws, for example–Nazare is a giant amphitheater that doesn’t always bring forth XXL barrels (at least when it’s maxing out). But once in a blue moon, a big swell at Praia do Norte will result in hollow fare. Recently, Nic Von Rupp scored Nazare when it was going full-monster and lucked into a very, very sizeable tube. “Always dreamt about riding a huge barrel at Nazaré,” writes von Rupp. “It’s that one frontier that hasn’t been cracked properly at Nazaré. Everything came together on this day, 15-20ft perfect condition and I finally got what I was looking for a big barrel on a 10’4 board.” Hit play above to watch a crew of chargers tame a waking giant, and keep an eye out for more XXL swells this winter.

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