Mason Ho is a content machine. Week after week, Ho and filmer Rory Pringle drop a new banger on YouTube. Often times his clips feature some obscure dry-reef death slab, but he also rips “normal” waves, like Ala Moana Bowls on Oahu’s South Shore. Our favorite thing about Ho’s edits is that he always keeps it real. No script. No B-roll. No filler. Instead, Ho drops a Jimi Hendrix track over his raw session, and lets us see his spills and his thrills, as though we were on the beach during the session.

In this edit, Ho paddles out to Bowls with his dad (the stylish Mike Ho) and his Uncle Derek, as well as Flynn Novak and Nathan Fletcher. From lip hammers to stylish hacks to creative tube stalls, Ho and co. showcase it all. On the beach after the surf, Ho reviews his Rip Curl watch, which tells him this particular session was comprised of 26 waves, 10.5 miles, and 4 hours and 55 minutes. If that sounds exhausting, imagine repeating it day after day the way Ho does.

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