Last week, a super typhoon hit the southern Philippines, leaving many parts of the island chain completely devastated. Among the spots hit the hardest was pro-surfer Josie Prendergast’s birthplace of Siargao, home to some of the country’s best surf (including Cloud9). Prendergast recently created a GoFundMe page to help raise funds to help the Siargao residents rebuild their homes and their lives. Continue reading Prendergast’s call for help below and click here to visit her GoFundMe page:

“Hi all. My name is Josie Prendergast. I was born on Siargao island and it’s home to so many, including my family and friends. Large parts of Philippines have been hit by a signal number 5 typhoon. ( super typhoon or hurricane ) My home, Siargao island had a direct hit and has severely affected everyone. Most people have lost their homes. Lives have been lost. People need water, food and other necessities. The island won’t have any power for up to six months and signal for a while so most locals aren’t able to ask for help. In this case, I would love to ask for your help. Help the locals re build their homes that have been lost and re build their lives. I know the past few years have been extremely difficult for everyone, especially during the pandemic- but if anyone has anything to spare, weather it be a small donation or even to share this awareness will be greatly appreciated. This typhoon was so traumatic, it was scary and it was real. It’s devastated the whole island and it’s neighboring islands. At the moment, we are in dire need of food, water, basic necessities and supplies to build homes. Your donation, how ever big or little will make great impact. I ensure that this will go directly to the local people. For now, there is so much to do, so I can start small and raise funds for porok 3 And surrounding islands, And then hopefully do more. It’s been 5 days since the typhoon hit and we have barely received any relief goods as a lot of it has been held. I will try my hardest to raise funds with YOUR effort to get the supplies they NEED as soon as possible. During this giving season I would love to ask for your help. We can make change, step by step. Please donate and share. Get people’s lives back as their livelihood and health is so important. This fundraiser is for my neighbors, my friends, my family, the boatmen. The people that make Siargao what it is. 

thank you so much. I love and care for my community so much- I want everyone to be okay.”

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