Although Denmark is well known for its variety of kitespots and high wind probability, it is not somewhere I have thought of when planning a holiday...until now! With KiteWorldWide opening its own village, I thought it was a good opportunity to go and check it out. We packed our bags and headed North. We – my daughter Bonnie, my significant other Adrian and me Saskia from the KiteWorldWide Team 

For the first week of the trip we explored the coast and focused on just being the three of us. For the second week we headed to Fjand in time for the start of the second week in the KiteWorldWide Village. I was a bit nervous about being there with a toddler and if we would get in the way, but what can I say, everyone welcomed us. Bonnie loved exploring the village and hanging out with one of the guest’s dogs, we kited until my muscles ached and made some really good friendsI felt super sad when we had to pack up our little home and head back to reality a week later.   

The lowdown on our tripAs we arrived, I literally bumped into Felix and Björn (Who are two of our kite instructors, you might know Björn from Sri Lanka). They welcomed us with an elbow hug and showed us our little cabin for the week. I was amazed at how cleverly the cabins are designed, maximising the spacewhile ensuring you have everything you need. Rememberwe were two adults and a toddler, and we didn’t get in each other’s wayMy daughter was very happy about the bunk bed and so going to bed was a breezeThe bathrooms are simple with a toilet and shower, the most important is the water is hot so a great way to warm up after a kite session in the North Sea. Within the first 5 minutes of our arrival (I hadn’t even unpacked the car) We were given kites and told to enjoy the perfect conditions for the afternoon (Well you can unpack at any time, right?) One minute from the village you can jump into the North Sea and that is what we did. We spent a blissful afternoon breathing the sea air and having a blast.  

When we were not in the water kiting, we spent most of our time in the big community houseThere is a fireplacecomfortable sofas, lots of games and even a piano! In the huge kitchen we prepared breakfast in the morning and met for cooking in the eveningWe decided what to eat as a group and then the team did the grocery shoppingThe house has two big tables where we can all eat togetherchat and banter about the events of the day on the water.  

The group was a colourful mixtureWe ourselves were there as a small family and others alone or with friends. The group was a mix of English, German and Swiss. Everyone found their place and slotted in. My daughter loved it, lots of people to chat to and entertain, it was also safe so she could explore the area by foot or on her bike. She also made a BFF (best friend forever) Ollie, one of the guests dogs. (Since leaving she wants to get a dog!)  

Denmark is one of the windiest countries in Europethis was more than confirmed during our stay. We had wind every day. Ithe morning after breakfast we drove straight to Kloster on the Ringköbing Fjord. This spothas the perfect infrastructure for kitesurfingThere is a big parking areatwo cabins with seats and a third cabin with toilet and shower! After a short briefing about the wind forecastwdonned our wetsuits and headed to the water. The choice of material was huge. With brand new equipment from Core and Duotonethere was the right material for everyone or we could try something different to see if we can tell the difference between a Dice or Evo 

The fjord is huge and sometimes you can’t see the other shore – which literally means space without end. For me the best thing was the water is as flat as a mirror and you can stand everywhereI normally surf in the sea so having flat flat water was luxury! Perfect conditions for every kitesurfer and every level! The weather was not only better than predicted, but also the wind came mainly from the west – the optimal wind direction at this spotDuring the week everyone really progressed so we had something to celebrate every night! For the people learning to kitesurfthey were stoked at how quickly they were up and riding. For the braves ones who wanted the challenge of the North Sea, they just had to walk a minute from the village, the team always split themselves to ensure everyone got to enjoy what they wanted each day.  

It seems as if the clocks here run a little slowerYou are surrounded by seafjord and grassland and there are probably more cows than humansIf you want to go out in the evening and party the night awayyou are definitely in the wrong place. All otherswho want to experience pure Denmarkkite a lotand relax with a glass or two in the evening and have a good old chat then this is the place for you. In the KiteWorldWide Village we have an experienced team and the atmosphere in the group is friendly and family likeIf you want to get away from it all and switch off your headyou also have your own cabin and space, so you are free to do what you want to do. This is exactly what we personally needed, we used the holiday to forget the hustle and stress of the last months. Thank you Denmark, one thing for sure is we will be back!  

See you soon,
Your Saskia from KiteWorldWide

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