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The vision of the Beach Culture World Tour is to inspire people and companies of the world to practice “Organic Tourism” through watersports like windsurfing, stand up paddling, and kiting to consciously connect with the local communities where we travel in order to LEARN and PROMOTE local cultures.

Brian Talma Beach Culture World Tour Naish BarbadosDeAction man, Brian Talma spreading his good vibes and community prosperity through the use of symbolic art (behind him) and the creation of the Beach Culture World Tour to promote organic tourism.

A Return of Tourism to Local Culture

Have you ever visited another country or culture, but felt like you never stepped outside of your protective bubble of paid & structured tourism? It happens. We research trips online. We read the “travel brochures” left for us in hotel rooms and rental properties. All of these are driven by advertising, a.k.a those larger businesses that can afford to pay for active promotion.

Brian Talma, a native of Barbados is trying to change all that. His creation of the Beach Culture World Tour is a grassroots activism project to bring tourism dollars back to the indigenous people across the globe. Bring tourism back to local cultures.

Beach Culture World Tour virtual games poster Brian TalmaThe BCWT Virtual Games will be held on June 14th, 2020 where pro athletes and amateurs alike are submitting their BEST footage or photos of waterman & waterwoman skills OR a celebration of their beach culture through art.

Organic Tourism:  What Does it Look Like?

Organic Tourism is the ability of the local community to interact, provide services, and generate income through direct contact with visitors from out of town. Organic Tourism allows the local people of every beach culture community to preserve their heritage by showing visitors the authentic side of where they live.

Removed from ad marketing, paid tourism bureaus and a playing field in which money dominates, the Beach Culture World Tour is an opportunity for water athletes, activists and youth from around the globe to celebrate local beach cultures in such a way that it teaches as much as it provides.

Brian Talma has been a part of the Barbados water culture through windsurfing, stand up paddling and kiting, for over three decades. A professional athlete who has competed on the International Windsurfing Tour, a Naish Team Rider and “deAction man”, Brian Talma is an original and integral part of the Barbados beach culture. His brightly colored shop and seaside rental apartments are firmly established on Silver Sands Beach on the Caribbean coast of Barbados’ southern shore. He is passionate about windsurfing, kiting, stand up paddle surfing and bringing the tourism dollars back to his people.

Diony Guadagnino Beach Culture World Tour windsurfingWindsurf champion, Diony Guadagnino will be showing his best ACTION for the LIVE feed at the #BCWT in Barbados on Sunday, June 14th 2020.

2020 Beach Culture World Tour:  The Virtual Games

The 2020 Beach Culture World Tour now includes virtual submissions as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown that has occurred globally. Pro athletes have been invited to submit their best footage and on June 14th, Brian will share those experiences at @bcworldtour and @briantalma on Instagram & stream the event live at the Beach Culture World Tour Championships Event on Facebook.

The aim is to show the unique lifestyle of various top level watermen and women who know how to have fun.  Friendly competition both on and off the water coupled with a fun attitude is the key ingredient for success at the #BCWT Championship.

Bernd Roediger Airton Cozzollino Brian Talma NaishLegends: Former BCWT champions Bernd Roediger (left) and Airton Cozzolino (right) with Brian Talma on a good day at the beach in Barbados.

“The watermen and women who have the best time, are the most entertaining and inspirational will emerge as champions, ” says Talma. “They are scored according to how well they (1) work with the media; (2) are the most creative; and (3) score the most rad shots.” The key to the Beach Culture World Tour is using social media as an opportunity to showcase the island and support local communities (organic tourism) from grassroots upwards.

Former BCWT champions include notables like Kai Lenny, Robby Naish, Bernd Roediger and Fiona Wylde.

Beach Culture World Tour symbolic artAmateur divisions are included for the Beach Culture World Tour. Winners are awarded some very special artwork by Brian Talma with special guests. Diony Guadagnino looks on all smiles.

Amateur Division:  Beach Culture World Tour

What makes #BCWT a popular and all inclusive event is the amateur category. This year athletes, musicians, artists and all others are welcomed to submit a photo or video of their “Beach Culture World Tour” creation. Each contestant can celebrate their beach culture through music or symbolic art, as well as through waterman and waterwoman activities. Post those cuts and proofs to Instagram BEFORE JUNE 12th and tag @briantalma with hastags #briantalma and #bcworldtour or email your submissions to

All submissions must be in by June 13th, 2020. The event will go LIVE on June 14th at 3:00PM Eastern Standard Time on Zoom and Brian Talma’s Instagram feed. Stay tuned for the ACTION & updates as we draw closer to the FINAL EVENT this weekend. LIVE from Barbados, the Beach Culture World Tour.

Game ON!

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