Want to pack your bags and jump on a jet plane, but not sure where you can go and what forms or test you need to have to get there. At the moment, the travel guidelines are continuously changing so it can be difficult to navigate to find the information you need.  

We have therefore pulled together a simple summary to help you understand which of our destinations you can currently travel to, what restrictions are in place for each destination on arrival, as well as when you get home.  

The summary has three highlighted areas to help you quickly understand the situation:  

Firstly if the border is open, secondly if you need to have a Covid Test to enter and finally if you need to quarantine on your return.  

We have then added useful links as well for you to quickly get to the more detailed information for the destination.  

We are updating this information at least every week to ensure it stays up to date. 

If you are looking for a trip now to escape the onset of winter, the following destinations are open, and the teams are there ready to welcome you. 

Kitesurfing in Morocco


Kitesurfing in Egypt


Kitesurfing in Brazil


We hope this helps you when planning your next kite holiday. 

Your team at KiteWorldWide 

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