A true surf trip is one without any distractions. No nightlife. No sights to see. Nothing but a pre-dawn alarm, six hours of surfing, and a couple of post-barrel beers before collapsing in bed. Rinse and repeat daily until your eyes are so red, body so sunburnt and arms and legs so tired that you can no longer get yourself up in the morning.

By that definition, Salina Cruz just might be the ultimate surf trip destination. A 3-day strike to the hot, dusty and pointbreak-packed region is equivalent to a week anywhere else. There’s simply nothing else to do except surf, eat and sleep. In the edit above, called ”Southern Promises”, Canadians Pete Devries and Noah Cohen shed their rubber and strike a south swell in Mex for a weekend tube bender last summer. With cameos from SoCal aerial whiz Kevin Schulz, Tom Curren and Taylor Knox, this 8-minute section will have you salivating over a trip down south as soon as the region opens back up for surf tourism.

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